Outlook Petelinz 2.6 Gigapixel

It was high time I started using the Sony A7 with the panorama robot I got myself for Christmas a year ago – the Celestron AllView . So far this is most likely the piece of gear that has seen the least bit of action – but I’m sure that is going to change soon.

This is the first gigapixel panorama I took with the Sony instead a Canon 5D or 5D II, and while I’m very happy with the result, especially since this is the first time for both for the Sony A7 and the Canon 35-350/3.5-5.6L that I used them to record a gigapixel image, it didn’t went as smooth as it should have been. The robot has a 2.5mm jack for shutter control, and since it fitted the 2.5mm jack I have on my Sony A7 wire remote, I assumed both to play together. And surprise, surprise – they wouldn’t. Since I dragged everything up, I fired the shutter by hand, using the robot only for position.

I do have to make an adapter to let the robot control the shutter for future projects. This one was still doable with 210 photos. But the next one will be bigger.

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