About Markus Ortner

My name is Markus Ortner, specialize in photography – be it 360º  panoramic photos, gigapixel photos, digital or analog photography. I also run my own full featured darkroom where I can process any things from 35mm to 4×5″ and up, as well as prints up to 16×20″. I am also an avid engineer and build a lot of my photographic accessories myself, like camera sliders and pole panorama equipment.

I’m very excited about everything I do – and I build this site to show what I do to everyone, hoping to inspire them to do the same.

Photogrpahy, from normal analog/digital to 360° panoramas and  gigapixel images is fascinating for me because I can isolate a place in time, and preserve it. With it, it is possible to bridge both spatial and temporal distances capture a moment in time from the world, and make it again available for the world to see and experience!

Please enjoy this site and it’s images, panoramas and articles. And if you’d like know more about photography or panoramic imagnig – or just want to visit the darkroom and say hello – feel free to contact me.