Everything is blue. From cellar to the chimney. It was the idea of an eccentric architect. The house is located close to the Botanic garden on the hill called "Kreuzbergl".

Also the internal spaces are blue. Blue washbasins, blue fittings, blue tiles and blue floors, walls, and ceilings. The neighbours of the house are not excited about the new colour. According to reports of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation they are quite "annoyed and confused". Now the new attraction of Klagenfurt should be history again in several weeks. The house will be demolished and carried away.

The architect Peter Kaschnig from the south of the province explained that he wanted to make a colour experiment with that project. He wanted to know how the human visual performance in rooms changes with only one colour.

He claims that the human has a different perception if natural contrasts are missing. The architect is very happy about his project and told that it was a success. "I experienced more as I have expected before. One colour changes the whole 3-D-world in a room. No computer animation would be able to cause such an effect as in real life", he told to the press.